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The Big Ink Rip Off
Can Printer Inks Really Cost More Than Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne?

It may sound ridiculous but the answer is yes! Which? Magazine was reported in the press to have found that many inkjet and toner cartridges would have been up to seven times cheaper if filled with vintage Dom Perignon champagne! Not unsurprisingly, the magazine recommended readers find compatible remanufactured printer cartridge alternatives.

“Ink for printers is 7 times the cost of vintage champagne, and many cartridges say they are empty long before they are”
Daily Telegraph 3rd July 2003

“Typical replacement cartridges cost about £1.70 per millilitre compared with Vintage Dom Perignon at £0.23 per millilitre”
Evening Standard 3rd July 2003

“Consumer watchdogs single out Epson printers for most criticism”
Daily Mail 3rd July 2003

“We've long attacked printer manufacturers for ripping off customers, but hopefully this alarming comparison will give customers good enough reason to fight back”
Daily Mirror 11th July 2003

“Customers get a raw deal when it comes to ink used in printers... It recommends people buy generic cartridges which are often half the price of branded products”
BBC News 3rd July 2003

In 2018, IJT Direct Ltd ( www.ijtdirect.co.uk ), continues to be the best, dedicated remanufactured printer inkjets and toners printer cartridge supplier in Britain. Providing top quality, fully warranted printer ink and laser toner cartridges, helping home users, small business, large corporate, education, NHS and government bodies slash their printing costs by up to 75% - all without jeopardising print quality. Servicing over 250,000 customers, IJT Direct doesn't sell “cheap printer cartridges” - it sells the best quality at top value for money, with over 3 million IJT Direct branded cartridges sold a year!

If you are looking to save money on your Epson ink cartridges, HP ink, Canon ink cartridges, Brother or any other brand then buy your ink or toner printer cartridges from IJT Direct.

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