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Lead Blog Writer at IJT Direct

Simon Cross is the engaging and knowledgeable voice behind the insightful articles on printers and printer consumables at IJT Direct, an ecommerce store renowned for its comprehensive selection of printers, printer consumables, and hardware.

With a specialised background in printer technology and a deep understanding of consumables, Simon has established himself as a leading expert in the field, offering practical advice and tips to both tech aficionados and everyday users. His journey into the world of print technology began in the bustling environment of IJT some 13 years ago, where he cultivated his expertise in the development and marketing of printing solutions.

At IJT Direct, Simon spearheads a dynamic content creation team, dedicating his efforts to crafting informative guides, in-depth product reviews, and thought-provoking editorials that highlight the latest advancements in printing technology. His articles do more than just showcase the functionality of printers; they reveal how these essential tools can enhance both personal and professional productivity. Simon's approachable writing style makes complex topics accessible to a broad audience, encouraging readers to maximise the benefits of their printing devices.

Simon's passion extends beyond the digital page. He also applies his SEO expertise to align with IJT Directs mission to offer printer ink and toner consumables and high-quality tech solutions at the prices in the UK.

When he's not immersed in the world of print technology, Simon indulges in his love of drawing and calligraphy, hobbies that complement his professional life by providing a creative outlet and a new perspective on the visual impact of printed images. His ability to blend technical knowledge with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others navigate the complexities of printing technology has made Simon a highly respected figure among IJT Directs community and beyond.


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