Recycling Printer Cartridges – here’s how you can do it.

Printer cartridge recycling options:

  1. Send them to IJT Direct for recycling.
    • Parcel up your used cartridges in a sturdy box
      Perhaps you could utilise the box / packaging your order was delivered in - if you haven’t recycled that already?
    • Address them to:
      IJT Direct c/o Recycling Department,
      Unit 1 Polham Lane,
      TA11 6SP.
    • Send them to IJT Direct using a courier or Royal Mail service.
      Unfortunately, we do not offer a freepost service for recycling printer cartridges.
  1. Take them to your local recycling refuse centre.
    Many local refuse centres pride themselves on high recycling rates and as such provide specific ‘bins’ for batteries, printer cartridges, clothes and the like.
  1. Take them to your local supermarket, supporting a printer cartridge recycling programme.
    Normally a recycling bin can be found near the entrance to your local supermarket.
  1. Visit a local supporting charity.
    Many charities can accept empty printer cartridges for recycling, often earning a donation. A simple internet search will display many options.

  2. Recycled with Zero Waste Recycling
    Zero Waste Recycling is an environmentally sustainable printer cartridge recycling service that will collect your empty ink and toner cartridges and recycle them for you. Simply pop your cartridges into a box to the maximum weight of 25kg, visit the Zero Waste Recycling website and register your account and arrange a collection for your box / pay any fees required. They accept both ink and toner cartridges, whether original, remanufactured or compatible, broken, full, faulty or empty. If you prefer, you can arrange your own delivery of the box to zero waste recycling. Please note, IJT Direct are not affiliated in any way to Zero Waste Recycling and cannot arrange this service on your behalf.

In order to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s important to ‘keep it local’ and use the recycling facilities near or around you. Keeping road miles to a minimum will   greatly help the environment.

Frequently asked questions about printer cartridge recycling:

  1. What printer cartridges do you take?
  1. IJT Direct takes all used printer cartridges & maintenance parts from all major brands such as Epson, HP, Canon, Brother, Lexmark & Samsung to name a few.

  1. Do you refill my empty printer cartridges to be resold?
  1. Even though the reusable cartridges are refilled, we are unable to provide a refill service specifically for your cartridges. Our top quality remanufactured printer ink is used once as an OEM, recycled and then used as our IJT branded recycled ink.

  1. What happens to the printer cartridges when recycled?
  1. More often than not, they are stripped of any precious metals contained within the chip, then the plastic is recycled into products such us, garden furniture, Outdoor play areas, plastic bottles, car parts and more!