Technical Support

Acer - Acer users forum, quite handy if you've got a problem
HDD to SSD Upgrade Guide - An explanation and guide to upgrading your PC or Laptop from Mechanical HDD to an SSD!
Kingston Memory configuration - An ideal place to check the memory configuration of your PC
HP Printer Firmware Updates Guide - A guide to stopping those annoying HP firmware updates 

Driver Software


PC / Computing Links

Hewlett Packard - information and support for all HP products



Useful and Interesting Sites

Free software - This website is a great source of free software including antivirus, firewall, etc
Office Software - This piece of software is more or less identical to Microsoft Office. Open, edit or create word processing, Excel and Powerpoint documents and best of all it's free. Just remember when you save a new document you will need to change the file extension to a recognised Microsoft file format.
The Register - latest IT and related news - good read