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Canon Pixma MG7750 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG7750

The following Canon Ink Cartridges are guaranteed to work in your Canon Pixma MG7750 printer

What printer cartridges does the Canon Pixma MG 7750 use?

Ink Cartridges that fit the Canon Pixma MG7750 printer include both a high capacity & standard capacity range.

The Canon Pixma mg7750 best price cartridges are the High Yield Pgi-570xl & Cli-571 range. You’ll get 1100 prints from a black cartridge, and circa 300 per colour. Remember, a full set on ink cartridges include 2 x black, cyan, magenta, yellow & grey. In stock with IJT Direct for fast delivery.

High Yield printer ink:

PGI-570XL 0318C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 pigment black pgi-570xl
CLI-571XL 0331C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 black cli-571xl
CLI-571XL 0332C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 cyan cli-571xl
CLI-571XL 0333C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 magenta cli-571xl
CLI-571XL 0334C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 yellow cli-571xl
CLI-571XL 0335C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 grey cli-571xl
CL- 571XL  Canon Pixma MG7750 black inkjet cl-571xl

Standard yield printer ink:

PGI-570 0372C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 pigment black pgi-570
CLI-571C 0386C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 cyan cli-571c
CLI-571M 0387C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 magenta cli-571m
CLI-571Y 0388C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 yellow cli-571y
CLI-571GY 0389C001 Canon Pixma MG7750 grey cli-571gy

Canon Pixma MG7750 Printer Review

Our expert review of the HP Deskjet 2710: **** Stars

Analysis & Summary:

We think the Canon Pixma mg7750 printer offers one of the best value examples out there. Yes, you need 6 cartridges for the printer, but that just ensures you actually only replace the ink colour that you use. Sharper colours, with the addition of grey, it only stands to reason that you will generally printer more black, as opposed to colour images with this printer, over its lifespan.

Our thoughts on Design

It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s black. That’s about all you can say about the design of this printer. Oh, and the fact that it’s purely exceptional at printing colour photographic quality images. If you’re looking for a high resolution, fast printer, then consider the Canon Mg7750.

Main Printer Advantages

An eye watering dots per inch of up to 9600 x 2400 dpi makes this one of the highest grade inkjet printer we’ve seen. It takes 6 Individual Ink Tanks (PGBK, BK, C, M, Y, GY) using the superb inkjet FINE print head with 1pl (min.) ink droplet size. This Canon 7750 is built to outshine all other photographic printers.

Main Printer Disadvantages

It’s big, with a massive footprint. Not ideally suited to a desktop environment where you might like to put it. Perhaps a specialist storage solution might be required. Not one for kitchen table. The printer dimensions (W x D x H) are approximately 435 x 370 x 148 mm !!

Running costs - Are the inks good value for money?

In a word, Yes! Great page yields. Inkjets & toners from IJT Direct offer perhaps the best value printer cartridges available in the UK. With OEM matched quality of image reproduction we think this is the only reason we can label this printer as affordable. Of course, Canon original inks are available, but they will increase your printer running costs quite significantly.

We sell the best quality printer ink cartridges for the Canon Pixma MG7750 best price & all covered by a 12 month warranty backed up by friendly customer support and advice. If you are looking for cheap printer inks online without jeopardising print quality, buy your best price Canon ink cartridges direct with IJT.

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