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Epson Expression Premium XP-235 Ink Cartridges

Epson Expression Premium XP-235

The following Epson Ink Cartridges are guaranteed to work in your Epson Expression Premium XP-235 printer

What printer cartridges does the Epson Expression Home XP235 use?

The Epson XP 235 uses four individual IJT Direct branded ink cartridges, comprising of black, cyan, magenta and yellow. There are two capacities known as 29 and 29XL, the Epson original inks have a picture of a Strawberry on the front of the packaging. The Epson 29 black can print up to 175 pages and the colours can do up to 180 pages. Whereas the high capacity 29XL range can print up to 470 pages from black and 450 pages from each colour. This is based on 5% coverage of an A4 page.

Epson Expression Home XP235 Printer Review

Our expert review of the Epson Expression Home XP235 printer

Our expert analysis & summary:

Our team of experts here at IJT Direct think the Epson XP 235 is a brilliant addition to your home. It has an image resolution of 5,760x1,440 making it perfect for all your home printing, scanning and copying needs.

Our thoughts on Design

The Epson XP-235 is a compact and affordable all in one printer which was only available in black. It has a flatbed scanner on the top and buttons on the front making it easy to use. The Epson XP 235 has a rear loading paper tray holding up to 50 sheets of copier paper or 10 sheets of photo paper.

Main Printer Advantages

The Epson 235 is small, cost efficient and easy to use. It can be connected to a computer or laptop via USB cable. It also can be connected to WIFI which will allow you to use the printer wirelessly through the Epson Connect services (iPrint, Email Print, Remote Print Driver). This printer can print doubled sided; although you would need to turn the paper manually.


Main Printer Disadvantages

The XP 235 print speeds are quite slow at 6.2 pages per minute for monochrome and 3.1 pages per minute for coloured prints; which can make it limiting for the user. This printer also does not have a fax or an automatic document feeder.

Running costs - Are the inks good value for money?

Here at IJT Direct we think the Epson Expression Home XP235 printer has great running costs especially when using our low cost, high capacity, great quality recycled inkjet cartridges. If you were to use the Epson original inks your running costs would be considerable more. Remember buy from IJT online, the best printer ink in Britain.

We sell the best quality printer ink cartridges for the Epson XP 235 all covered by a 12 month warranty backed up by friendly customer support and advice. If you are looking for cheap printer inks online without jeopardising print quality, buy your Epson ink cartridges direct with IJT.

Cartridges that fit the Epson XP-235 printer include:

C13T29814010 Epson XP 235 black oem inkjets no:29 c13t29814010 printer cartridge
C13T29824010 Epson XP 235 cyan oem inkjets no:29 c13t29824010 printer cartridge
C13T29834010 Epson XP 235 magenta oem inkjet no:29 c13t29834010 printer cartridge
C13T29844010 Epson XP 235 yellow oem inkjet no:29 c13t29844010 printer cartridge
C13T29914010 Epson XP 235 black oem inkjet no29xl c13t29914010 printer cartridge
C13T29924010 Epson XP 235 cyan oem inkjet no:29xl c13t29924010 printer cartridge
C13T29934010 Epson XP 235 magenta oem inkjet no:29xl c13t29934010 printer cartridge
C13T29944010 Epson XP235 yellow oem inkjet 29xl c13t29944010 printer cartridge sells OEM Epson Strawberry printer ink & IJT branded recycled Epson ink

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