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Epson Expression Premium XP-635 Ink Cartridges

Epson Expression Premium XP-635

The following Epson Ink Cartridges are guaranteed to work in your Epson Expression Premium XP-635 printer

We sell the best quality printer ink cartridges for the Epson XP 635 all covered by a 12 month warranty backed up by friendly customer support and advice. If you are looking for cheap printer inks online without jeopardising print quality, buy your Epson ink cartridges direct with IJT.

Cartridges that fit the Epson XP 635 printer include:

C13T33314010 (33) Epson XP 635 std black inkjet c13t33314010 (33) printer cartridge
C13T33414010 (33) Epson XP 635 std photo black c13t33414010 (33) printer ink cartridge
C13T33424010 (33) Epson XP 635 std cyan inkjet c13t33424010 (33) printer cartridge
C13T33434010 (33) Epson XP 635 std magenta inkjet c13t33434010 (33) printer cartridge
C13T33444010 (33) Epson XP 635 std yellow inkjet c13t33444010 (33) printer cartridge
C13T33514010 (33xl) Epson XP 635 h/cap black inkjet c13t33514010 (33xl) printer cartridge
C13T336140 (33xl) Epson XP 635 h/cap photo black inkjet c13t336140 (33xl) printer cartridge
C13T33624010 (33xl) Epson XP 635 h/cap cyan inkjet c13t33624010 (33xl) printer cartridge
C13T33634010 (33xl) Epson XP 635 h/cap magenta inkjet c13t33634010 (33xl) printer cartridge
C13T33644010 (33xl) Epson XP 635 h/cap yellow inkjet c13t33644010 (33xl) printer cartridge
C13T33574010 Epson XP 635 b/pb/c/m/y multipack 33xl printer ink cartridge

We sell OEM Epson Oranges printer ink cartridges & IJT branded recycled Epson inkjets.

What printer cartridges does the Epson Expression Premium XP-635 use?
The Epson XP 635 use a 5 ink system that comprises of 2 different blacks, black, photo black, cyan, magenta and yellow. All of which will happily accept our branded recycled inkjet cartridges. There are two capacities known as 33 and 33XL, the Epson original inks have a picture of an Orange on the front of the packaging. The Epson 33 black can print up to 175 pages and the colours can do up to 180 pages. The high capacity 33XL range can print up to 470 pages from black and 450 pages from each colour. This is based on 5% coverage of an A4 page.
Epson Expression Premium XP-635 Printer Review
Our expert review of the Epson Expression Premium XP635 printer
Our expert analysis & summary:
Our team of experts here at IJT Direct would recommend the XP 635 for a home user looking for an affordable printer for everyday and photo printing as it has a high print resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi. It also uses a 5 ink system so you only have to replace the colour cartridge that is empty rather.
Our thoughts on Design
The Epson XP-635 was released in stylish white and measures a compact 390 x 341 x 138mm. This model features a LCD colour screen and a memory card slot on the front of the printer. Overall it's a compact design that has all the essential features a home user would need.
Main Printer Advantages
The versatile Epson XP635 printer offers print, scan and copy all in up to A4 paper size. You can save money and reduce your environmental impact by using the double capacity XL inks and by using the duplex print option to save on paper usage.
Main Printer Disadvantages
The XP 635 printer doesn't have the fastest print speed. You'll get 10 pages per minute in colour and 13 pages per minute in mono. The paper tray is a little on the small side taking just 100 sheets of copier paper at a time.
Running costs - Are the inks good value for money?
Here at IJT Direct we think the Epson Expression Premium XP635 printer has great running costs especially when using our low cost, high capacity, great quality recycled cartridges. If you were to use the Epson original inks your running costs would be considerable more. Remember buy from IJT online, the best printer ink in Britain.

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