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Exercell Advanced 10 Pack AAA Batteries

Exercell Advanced Supercharged 10 Pack AAA Batteries



MPN: ELE-2407/OB


12 Months warranty

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    Key Features:
  • Total of 10 AAA Batteries
  • Multi Purpose
  • Zinc Chloride
  • Long Shelf Life, end of 2027
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Cheap branded Long Lasting Advanced AAA Batteries

Top brand multi purpose Advanced Supercharged Performance batteries - the only choice long life option for everyday products.
Now contribute your bit towards an Eco-friendly & Sustainable Earth!! Exercell brings you it's new longer lasting advanced performance AAA Industrial Batteries with a mamoth Best Before 2027 used by date.
You truly get the best of both worlds with these Exercell 10 pack AAA batteries.


Pack of 10 batteries
Size: AAA
Type: Zinc Chloride
Voltage: 1.5V
Expiry date: end 2027

Our Expert Review of the Exercell Advanced Supercharged 10 Pack AAA Batteries

Key Features:

Exercell Advanced Supercharged AAA batteries are ideal for loads of different household appliances. They are also naturally longer lasting, more eco-friendly and better performing than other equivalent brands. They also have a super long shelf life and best before date of end of 2027. Zinc Chloride also offer a greater capacity, higher current output and improved lead resistance when compared to Zinc Carbon batteries.

What are they best suited for?

Though Zinc chloride batteries offer a larger capacity and are more eco-friendly when compared to Zinc carbon batteries, the uses are much the same.  They are also in most cases cheaper because they are designed for low to medium draw appliances like portable radios, alarm clocks, torches and remote controls.

Final Thoughts:

Zinc chloride batteries have been used worldwide for years, the technology is reliable and the price is excellent. What we probably wouldn’t do is use these types of batteries in high draw items like remote control toys or digital cameras, certainly not without carrying a spare set or 2 anyway. What is great about these batteries is the long shelf life, which means you’ll be using few of them which are good for your pocket and for the environment.

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