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Object Solar Power Bank

Object Solar Powered 4000mAh Dual USB Backup Battery Power Bank - Blue/Green



MPN: SP116


12 Months warranty

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    Key Features:
  • 4,000mAh Capacity
  • Solar Powered Device Charging
  • Dual 2.1 A Rapid Charging
  • Water Resistant & Shock Proof
  • Charge 2 devices at once
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Key Features
  • 4,000mAh Capacity
  • Solar Powered Device Charging
  • Dual 2.1 A Rapid Charging
  • Dual USB Charging Ports
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Water Resistant & Shock Proof
  • Charge 2 devices at once
Featuring dual USB charging ports (2.1A Rapid Charge), so you can charge two mobile devices simultaneously. Between both ports, your devices will enjoy up to 4.2A of total power output from the 4,000mAh li-polymer battery and 200mAh solar charger.
Solar Charging Technology
Equiped with a solar panel, if your power bank runs out of juice and you aren't able to recharge via the mains you're not out of luck. Leave the power bank out in the sun or just carry it around with you and the solar panel will charge the battery.
Advanced protection
The Object Solar Powered Power Bank will power down when its battery charge level is very low in order to protect the internal battery. 
Automatic operation
The Object Solar Powered Power Bank back up battery will automatically start charge your device, whether that be your iPhone 14, Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as soon as it's connected, no need to press any buttons.
Travel Hardended
Ideal for travel, camping, festivals and hiking, the Object Solar Powered Power Bank is both water resistant and shock proof making it the ideal travel companion.
The Object Solar Powered Power Bank is designed to be a universal charger, supporting any device that has a charging cable that ends in a USB Type-A connector. If you have a smartphone with a micro-USB or USB Type C to USB Type-A charging cable, connect one end to the phone, and the other the power bank to start charging.
There are also handy LED status indicators, which give information on both the current charging status, as well as the current battery level.
Charging the Object Solar Powered Power Bank

To charge simply connect the included micro USB cable or use your own cable and plug it into a USB charger, or available USB port on a desktop or laptop computer.
***Please Note: Power Bank supplied will be either Blue or Green as illustrated. Smartphone not included****

Li-polymer Battery Capacity 4,000 mAh
Solar Charging Capacity 200 mAh
DC Input Power 5V DC at 1 A
Output Power 5 V, 2.1 A, 5 V, 2.1 A
Dimensions 142x 75 x 13.6 mm

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  • 3
    solar powered power bank

    Might be OK if left for the whole day in the sun but very slow to recharge for my own type of use.